How are the costs compared to my own country?

This depends of course on what country you are comparing with. Taking Western Europe as the starting point, we can say that the total cost of outsourcing a professional is about 40% of that in Western Europe. The cost structure is simple:

Net salary + labor cost + outsourcing fee = total cost

However, to make this comparison fair, it’s important to look beyond just salary. Take into account that hiring employees locally also comes with additional costs such as:

  1. Pension plan
  2. Company car or travel allowance
  3. Laptop
  4. Phone
  5. Additional expenses

Then you also need to add the following operational costs:

  1. Office space
  2. Administration
  3. Office costs (electricity, water, coffee, lunch)

Purely looking at costs it’s simple to see that outsourcing is always the more affordable option. Want to know what else to consider? We would love to talk more about that!

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