Posted on Thursday 28 February 2019
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Dev Jungle: A .Net Story

Word or two about me 

Words that best describe me would be self-motivated software developer and adventurer by nature who is always looking for new challenges. Driven by the magic of coding, I have been passionate about technologies and latest coding trends ever since I got into this world. Technology has never failed to amaze me. The very idea of creating something that can make a difference in the world now or in the future is what drives my passion.

My story on how i became a .Net developer 

Every journey has its own story, and so does mine. Choosing the right technology is like choosing a candy from a store full of sweets. Each one has a different packaging, unique taste and secret ingredients inside. The secret ingredients of .NET Development platform are .NET Framework, .NET Core, and Xamarin.

My software development journey started as a Web application developer using ColdFushion development platform, then jumped to Python development, and now here I am on the .NET road.  Being in this .NET world for 3 years now, exploring everything that this platform has to offer, I came to the realization that it is the best fit for my spirit, my career and me. .NET is an up to date technology keeping up with the latest trends continuously.

What’s the coolest thing you are working on right now?  

I work for a Dutch client on a hospitality management product using latest tech. In the beginning, I was working as a .Net web developer, but later on I got the opportunity to develop myself in the field of creating mobile applications. The coolest thing about it is definitely creating awesome cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android using .Net core and Xamarin.

Values that drive me 

I tend on being consistent when it comes to personal and professional values. Creating new things, risk taking, motivation, strong work ethic, adaptability and integrity are on top of my value system. Being able to meet the same and nurture them in my work environment is what makes me most happy, and Xessable provides me the opportunity for the same.

The impact of the project I am working on

The biggest impact this project has on me is that it helped me develop my creativity and problem-solving skills, as well as expressing and implementing my ideas with ease. It has leveled up my point of taking responsibilities, and helped me accept tasks and challenges with strong self-confidence.

Life with Xessable

Being a junior with only 1 year of experience in .NET technology and coming into the world of Xessable for me was a big challenge at first. Then, it all changed. The atmosphere and people continuously make you feel like you have belonged here forever. Everyone helps and supports each other, making everyone feel valued.

Best thing about being in the Skopje office?  

Our lovely and bright offices followed by a ‘feels like home’ approach are one of my favorite things. Our daily relaxation with fun and games additionally is something that helps us get away from the world of coding for a bit. And most importantly, my cookies and tacos are highly appreciated and enjoyed in the Skopje Office. 😊

Naming one hero 

That would definitely be Tim Berners-Lee, as the inventor of the World Wide Web or our second home 😊


End of line 

Do not get discouraged if your code is not fully functional at the very start. Keep on moving, keep on creating. You will be surprised how things can develop and which goals you can achieve!