You don't need a tool developer, you need a partner.

We help startups, scale-ups, and
enterprises find their matching teams.

The business model caters mostly to clients in Western Europe but we plan to expand our core services and offer our expertise globally. Today's digital transformation is fast-paced and ever-changing. That's why we take the concept of flexibility seriously and not simply as a buzzword. We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements in terms of team size, methodology, expertise, manner of collaboration, and cost. You'll be able to adopt new strategies, implement creative ideas, and maintain momentum with our help.

When matching clients with talent we want to be frank about the expectations, and challenges, while making sure that they're an appropriate cultural fit.

Outsourcing as a preemptive measure

A lot of companies think they don't need it - until they do. At any phase, projects can greatly benefit from team augmentation. Scouting outsourcing options will improve your flexibility, so if push comes to shove you'll be ready to pivot your project strategy. Thinking long-term is a trait of business maturity.

01. Introduction and requirements

We get to know each other and learn the specifics of your business.

02. Search and assess

We find professionals that
meet your requirements.
They're briefed on the company information and proceed with
 the skill test and personality assessment.

03. Interviews

We present the best matches with interview assistance and provide feedback in further negotiations.

04. Project start

Your dedicated team is ready to take on the challenge. Assign the tasks, and we'll take care of the rest.

We recognise fierce competition but acknowledge our strengths.

Our business model is unique: one flat outsourcing fee that covers everything. Independent of the professionals’ salary.

What do you get?

Before employment

  • Recruitment of suitable candidates
  • Guidance during the interview process
  • Assessment on both technical and personal levels
  • Independent recommendations on employment conditions (salary, etc.)

After employment

The recruitment process

Pre-scan market report for the required job position

Estimation of search

Finding the talent

The hiring process


We help you onboard new hires so we can jointly inspire productivity and execution as quickly as possible. The process involves training on all aspects of the job, and a full introduction to the culture, team members, and company values.


Checkups are conducted after the first week, the first month, after three months, and lastly, we move to post-evaluations. We use them as an opportunity to provide feedback and course corrections.

Client-developer communication

Regular one-on-one client meetings to understand requirements, challenges, and expectations.


Clients own the
source code

Clients own the repositories and facilitate the development process. The production code remains proprietary and can be modified according to client needs.


Our employees sign a document agreeing to safeguard sensitive data and refrain from violation, extraction, or redistribution.

Security compliance adherence

A necessity for any organization that handles sensitive information. We take this seriously, which is why we ensure compliance with all applicable security standards.

Dedicated teams

We form and operate your nearshore development team with any experience level, technology, and line of expertise, all at a fraction of the cost that our competitors charge.

A Client Exclusive Team or a Dedicated Team is an extension of your company staff in a remote location. Hosted by Xessable, the Dedicated Team is exclusively assigned and managed by you.

The nearshore team of dedicated developers, quality assurance engineers, project managers, or other profiles typically work closely with the Clients Product Owner.


On the right, you can find the most in-demand technologies and competencies among clients.

Below, you can find the most in-demand technologies and competencies among clients.

And also, we're capable of providing much more than our core expertise.


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