Posted on Thursday 10 September 2020
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WOMEN IN TECH: Meet Martina, our team leader

As a company we are focused on our people and they are our most valuable assets. Often we are witnessing lots of amazing career paths and opportunities to many of our team mates. Here is one we are sharing about our colleague and a friend, a team lead at one of our clients. This is her story:

  • Why did you choose the software development for a career? Can you share about your background as a developer?

I was always oriented towards problem solving. I want to learn new things, expand my circle of knowledge, and improve myself. I envisioned my workplace as a place where I would not fall into a routine. I like to have challenges and work on solving real problems. With that in mind, software development is the perfect choice. I started my career as a Junior Web Developer 5 years ago. I had the opportunity to work on projects with different backgrounds, but I found myself as a back-end developer.
I started my journey with Xessable year and a half ago, as developer. My previous experience has helped me to fit into the company and the project much easier.

  • Early in your career, what was most challenging for you to learn?

There were couple of cases for new features to be added to an existing software, implemented in an older technology. I found it a bit difficult to learn, because to me it felt like I am going a step backwards. It took some effort to stay motivated 🙂

  • List few things you wish you had known about your profession previously..

I wish I had known more about the business side of the software development. Building a software is much more than writing code.

  • What did you expect when you joined Xessable? And how was your experience?

A friend of mine once told me: “Always choose the most challenging and the most difficult one”. So, here I am 🙂
It was a very big challenge and a change for me, and seemingly scary. I came across a wonderful working atmosphere and friendly people always willing to help, which of course contributes a lot in making someone feel comfortable.

  • What excites and energizes you about the project/client/company?

I am working on a smart online booking system for a Dutch client with focus on leisure industry. It enables customers to have a unique and complete experience with possibility to make a multi-activity booking which is scheduled automatically. It is an exciting and complex project.
I had a chance to research, learn and implement a lots of new stuff even though I knew almost nothing about at the time, which I found important for my professional growth.
Also it is great to be surrounded with enthusiastic and positive colleagues, where everyone strive for growth and quality,  and I feel motivated in such environment.

It is nice to see how something we are all working on brings success to the clients, that definitely pushes me forward.

  • What is expected of a team leader ?

As a team leader , it is expected to look out for team members’ welfare, guard stress levels and happiness within the team. Mentorship is also part of the role – identifying knowledge gaps, thus arranging team specific training/knowledge-sharing sessions.
It is also the responsibility of the team to identify the team’s strengths and weaknesses which can help in proper dividing of the work between team members.
Furthermore, handling incidents in the part of the system managed by the team.

  • What is your secret ingredient in making sure projects and tasks stay on schedule?

Good communication. Communication is crucial for a team to succeed. Having regular check-ins helps in order to early identify any impediments and overcome those on time.
Even if it is difficult to work with teams and people on different locations, especially now when everybody is working remote, it works pretty well for us.

  • The significance of feedback is essential in almost in every profession. Why is it important in your team?

Constructive feedback is important, as it enhances professional and personal growth. It helps in building confidence and creating transparent and collaborative atmosphere where everyone can speak their mind. It strengthens the relationships between team members and helps in clarifying expectations, so we all remain aligned to the team goals.

  • What is the best part of being a woman in this industry?

Working in tech industry is interesting and dynamic. It is a profession with limitless possibilities – you can always keep moving forward. I don’t think the gender actually makes much of a difference at all, even though there is a lack of women in technology. If you are passionate about your career, just go for it!

  • Who is your icon in the industry, your role model?

I don’t have someone I would really consider as my role model. I have been finding inspirational people everywhere. Many people in our environment are doing great things and helping the greater good, who are just regular people, and I really admire them.

  • What advice would you give to young enthusiasts – developers when considering a career in the tech industry?

Always tend to be the best version of yourself and surround yourself with great people.